Restorative Dentistry in Sunnyvale, CA

Are you missing one or all of your teeth? Are suffering from cavities or do you need a root canal? We are here to help!

Sunnyvale Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers the very best restorative dentistry in Sunnyvale, CA because we take your complete medical history into account. Our team at our Sunnyvale dental office will only recommend treatments that look, feel, and function the best for you.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings & Crowns

wife smiling with her husband after receiving a restorative dentistry procedure from Sunnyvale Family and Cosmetic DentistryFor small cavities, tooth-colored tooth fillings are an excellent choice. To protect your overall health, Dr. Sudeep only uses mercury-free tooth fillings to treat cavities. These modern dental fillings are safer and much more attractive than the alternatives.

Dental Crowns

If you have been diagnosed with a large cavity or are about to undergo a significant dental procedure, you are likely a great candidate for a dental crown. We offer tooth crowns made from the following materials:

  • All-Porcelain
  • All-Ceramic
  • Gold
  • Metal
  • Zirconia
  • BruxZir

Dental Bridges

No one has to live with or accept having a gap-filled smile. To remedy this, we offer custom dental bridges using durable, white restorations. No one will even know that you are wearing yours.

back hallway leading to the x-ray area at Sunnyvale Family and Cosmetic DentistryDental Implants

Are you missing one or all of your teeth? Dental implants could be the solution for you! Dr. Sudeep offers a range of dental implants systems for life-long results including:

  • Single Dental Implants
  • Implant-Retained Dentures
  • Overdentures
  • Mini Dental Implants

Removable Dentures

If you are missing many of your teeth or all of your teeth, you could be a great candidate for removable dentures. Today's dentures are comfortable and made to be customized.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth is suffering from a large crack, cavity, severe pain, or an abscess, Dr. Sudeep may recommend endodontic therapy to save it.

If the idea of a root canal makes you nervous, or if you have special healthcare needs, we're here for you! Dr. Sudeep can administer either laughing gas or oral conscious sedation based on your health history and needs.

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